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Increase traffic, increase supporters

Complete Online Marketing Solutions
Increase traffic, increase supporters.

Capture your share of the millions of online supporters and billions in online contributions made every month.

Email Marketing Solutions

Although we are moving toward the world of social networking, and it plays a very important part of a proper wholistic marketing campaign, these social marketing campaigns should not be done at the expense of traditional email marketing. *According to Nielsen, active users of social media spend more time using email, rather than less.

Campaigns must continue to communicate via email to share campaign updates, upcoming events and fundraising appeals.

Email Marketing Solutions:

►  Email template creation

►  Email list development process

►  Auto-responder setup and creation

►  Email campaign management

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Facebook Marketing / App Design

With almost 1 billion members, Facebook has the users and communities to help your cause reach it's goals. There is much more to marketing on Facebook than just creating a profile. Keeping your fans engaged is the key. Don’t be a brand, but create a community - Cozality can help.

Let the social specialists at Cozality help your cause rise towards the top.

Facebook Marketing Solutions:

►  Edit and update your pages 24/7

►  Custom Facebook landing page design

►  Facebook Donation module

►  Custom Facebook application design

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$15 /month +Setup
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Integrated Social Solutions

Society has turned toward interactive platforms for information sharing. This has the effect of blending the personal with the political.

Facebook friends and Twitter updates have now replaced the evening news as the top place for supporters to get their nightly news. More than ever, supporters and constituents expect to be given the opportunity to express themselves and interact with information by sharing with friends, tweeting and commenting.

Features & Benefits:

►  Custom social page design (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

►  Initial social media setup & consultation

►  Ongoing campaign management

►  Social campaign monitoring

►  Campaign analytics and reporting

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Optimized Blog Development

A blog is the best way for a political candidate or non profit organization to reach and build a community of supporters. Blogs enable you to build and maintain rapport wherein the constituent is able to interact with your organization, offer feedback, and interact.

Cozality will design and develop an optimized blog for search engines and for social media. We know exactly what’s necessary to keep supporters coming back and understand how to optimize usability and readability.

Features & Benefits:

►  Onsite strategic optimization of content and coding

►  Google, Yahoo, Bing submissions

►  Quick turnaround and launch

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$17/month + Start-up Fee
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