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Campaigning in 2012

Campaign online in 2012

For countless years in the past, telephone calls have been the option that both campaigns and nonprofit organizations alike have used to raised awareness and funds for their organizations. Although many are sticking to the tried and true campaigning method of picking up the white pages and hitting the telephone, new research is showing that there may be a better way to gain followers.


Supporters More Influenced by Facebook Than the News!

According to recent surveys, it’s now become apparent that campaigning online produces much more successful results than any other form of canvassing for your political or nonprofit cause. Whereas viewers may turn the station or hang up when a campaign ad appears on television or through a phone call, those viewing the same messages online are likely to watch the entire segment and then share it with friends. This new information, based on a study by SocialVibe, proves that supporters are more likely to be influenced by Facebook and similar social networking than they are the evening news!

facebook and politics


Sharing the Message

In the past, television and phone calls have offered a message that reaches only one person: the viewer. With the ease of online sharing, internet video campaigns are often passed on from one person to another. Not only are online viewers 94 percent more likely to watch an online message verses one on television, but an estimated 39 percent of those viewers will share the video with their friends. Whereas television can target only one person, with online sharing, one interested viewer is able to share the video with approximately 150 friends.


A Means of Success or a Recipe for Disaster?

While some may see this as a stumbling block in their campaign for political or nonprofit success, others view it as an open door of opportunity. The difference between online success and failure is based completely on presentation and distribution. The challenge for politicians and nonprofit agencies is to present their videos in a way that will gain attention and interest while prompting viewers to pass the video along to friends.


Simple Tips

If you want to make an impression on online viewers, it is important to build rapport and make them feel like you're their “friend”. In an effort to gain approval, you should formulate a campaign that will reach out to internet users, online campaign tipsand answer their questions in a personal way. Taking advantage of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter will help you to spread your message to a wider variety of people while making your campaign seem more personal. When putting together videos, chose something that will be engaging and present a new idea that will be worth passing along; in addition, videos should not last incredible long, try to limit them to an absolute maximum of four to five minutes since few people have time or patience to watch a half-hour segment. A word of advice: It’s always better to have several short video segments rather than one long clip.


According to research, if a political campaign invests $25,000 into an internet campaign, they can reach people of voting age in every state within twenty-four hours. By using the internet for your benefit, you can earn new followers and supporters like never before! Don’t be intimidated by the internet world; instead, use it for your advantage in the upcoming election or for your nonprofit organization.

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