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Social Media Tips To Get Started

We all know that social media is a wonderful way to promote your cause and give yourself a name among the public, however, managing it can often seem like a daunting task. This article will help you learn how to enter the social networking scene, how it can work to make your cause more successful than ever before, and how you can become a hit on sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Check Out the Competition

You want your spot in the social network to be unique; however, it still helps to see what makes other causes succeed. Before you set up your profile, search for politicians or non profit orgs that are similar to yours on the same social media site. For instance, if you are starting a Facebook account for a dog grooming service, check out similar services on Facebook that have a lot of fans. Try to envision what viewers find interesting about their profile, and then try to incorporate the same factors into yours.


Start Out Small

Just because you want to have a foot in every outlet of the social network doesn’t mean that you have to start out with accounts on fifteen different websites. It’s always best to start out small and work your way up rather than start out big and then fizzle from the stress of keeping up. Facebook is a good place to start out because it’s easy to set up and is one of the most popular forms of social networking. After you have your Facebook account up and going, then you can move onto other choices such as Twitter.


Finding Fans, Friends, and Followers

Social media helps to both attract new clients while keeping in contact with those you’ve done business with before. When you create your social networking profiles, it’s important to make sure that the profile is public and viewable by everyone; this will allow people who don’t know anything about you to look at your updates and then choose to become a fan or follow you online. You can attract people to your profile by joining groups on sites like Facebook. For instance, if you are running as a Conservative, join some Conservative minded groups and then get in on the discussions. Be careful not to make your group posts seem like an advertisement; instead, remember that you are the expert and be sure to respond to users posts, andhelp to resolve people’s questions. By being helpful, you are much more likely to attract fans or gain votes than if you seem like a misplace infomercial.


Stick with Quality, Not Quantity

Often, politicians (in particular) feel that, to keep up a social media account, they need to update their status every hour or so. While this would be fine if there was actually something worth spreading to the public, these bulk updates are often useless and just ensure a bored reader. With too many updates, readers may become frustrated and block you from their newsfeed. Balance your updates, only publishing things that are worth the time of your readers and the time it takes you to write the message.


This is About Your Cause, or Your Candidate

When people become a friend, fan, or follower on social media sites, it’s because they’re interested in your cause – they’re not interested in your personal quarks. So many social marketers mix these two concepts up; instead, of sending out quality updates, they begin to throw out useless information about themselves. If you are a nonprofit who helps educate the young, then send out important updates about things pertaining to your cause or edication; don’t post updates about your sick four-year-old throwing-up on the kitchen floor (this may be different as a politician). If you want to send out personalized status updates, then create a social networking account for yourself and invite your friends to follow you, while keeping your business account professional and on-track.


Creating Widgets on Your Website

Put a widget up on your website for your social networks.Widgets allow you to post your content anywhere on the web. By putting widgets on your website or command center, visitors to your site can keep up with your status updates, choose to become a follower or fan of your profile and it makes it much easier to get your users and friends to tweet, retweet, or share your content across their social networks. While this gives you a great way to share information and keep in contact with potential supporters, don’t forget that your website or command center is your central hub on the net: Although some are doing it, don’t become so consumed with your Facebook or Twitter that you start directing clients to them rather than to the valuable information on your main site.


By taking the time to start out small, observe the competition, and balance your work, the social networking system is a great way to engage and increase supporters, while making life-long friends of your followers.

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