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The Ron Paul Social Media Revolution

Ron Paul Web Revolution

Several years ago, the general public knew very little about the Texas congressman who would run for the Republican Presidential nomination; however, with the 2008 presidential primary in full-swing, Ron Paul quickly became a household name. How did this seemingly unheard of politician become a tough contestant in 2008 and come back to do even more in his 2012 run for the Republican Presidential nomination?

Although Paul’s success is based on a variety of different factors, his ability to use the internet to his advantage definitely plays a large role in his well-accepted campaign. Keep reading to find out how Ron Paul has used the internet to help take him from an unheard of congressman to a top-running presidential nominee, and how you can use these same strategies in your own political campaign. 



If there was one word to describe what made the Ron Paul internet campaign rise to the top, it would have to be dedication. While they had to start from scratch, the Paul team was quick to take every opportunity to make their internet presence known. By taking advantage of all the open doors in online marketing, Paul’s campaign has had great success, with up to a million viewers visiting his website in one month! Even when the going seemed slow, Ron Paul’s internet team continued to promote and support their candidate; this same dedication is what you need if you want to use the internet to help promote your own political hopeful. 


Bring Together Supporters With SEO

When you’re running for a political office, it’s important to realize that you will not be able to please every voter in your area. Instead, you should try to group together voters who have similar plans and interests in the political world. By using website optimization, Ron Paul’s campaign brought more, like-minded viewers to his site, informing them about his stand on issues, and causing them to join in and become supporters. Website optimization can be achieved by someone who is talented in SEO, or you can do the research and work to promote it yourself. 


Supporter Groups

Sure, it’s important that politicians reach out to the public, but Ron Paul’s team has found that sometimes supporters can gain a lot of ground just by communicating with each other. Using a website designed with interaction in mind, Paul's followers are able to create their own user name and get to know others who are interested in the same politician. Having an open group or forum can give a political campaign the boost it needs while providing the public with a place to ask questions, share their knowledge, organize meetings and groups, and talk about ways to best support their candidate.


Using Videos for Promotion

Ron Paul Video PromotionWhile social networking has become a must for any political hopeful, video promotion is often lacking in a campaign. Ron Paul has not allowed himself to make the mistake of leaving this important part out; instead he has helped add to his follower base by supplying the public with plenty of footage online. It is estimated that there are currently 109,000 videos about Ron Paul on YouTube alone. While viewers maybe slow to read text, rare is the day that anyone turns down a good video.



Small Budget…Small Problem

Running for office has become something that is considered a very pricy undertaking; however, Ron Paul’s successful internet campaign has been accomplished with very little out-put (online ad-spend relative to traditional offline costs). Even if you are a small-town politician with an even smaller budget wearing many hats in your campaign, you can have success on the world wide web without spending more than a few hundred dollars by taking advantage of free blog sites, youtube, twitter, and facebook.


But How Much Does It Matter?

Sure you can spend countless hours trying to promote an online campaign, but how affective will it be? Does internet promotion really help? According to recent studies, the answer is a definite “yes”. Candidates who do well in the battle for internet marketing are ranking higher on both local and national polls. If you want your campaign to be a success, than it’s important that you use the internet to help raise awareness for your campaign. 


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