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Utilize Google Plus in Your Campaign

Google Plus and Cause Marketing

Google + and Your Cause: You Can't Afford to Ignore it Any Longer

With countless social networking sites appearing on the internet and limited time until Election Day, it can be hard for campaign managers to decide which sites are actually worth their time to pursue. With the choice to spread the message out over Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Blogspot, the decisions can be endless and the last thing you want to hear about is yet another social site to consider. When you read about Google Plus, you may groan, wondering if it would be possible for you to leave it out of your campaign.

Of course, you can leave Google Plus out of your internet marketing plan; the question is, can you afford to ignore it any longer? The answer is a definite no! It is now official: if you wish to have the most successful online campaign possible, it’s vital that you start a Google Plus brand page to get the results you’re looking for. Keep reading to find out how Google Plus and Google Plus search results will help your candidate rise to the top online and at the polls.


Google Plus Search Results

Newt Gingrich Google PlusSince Google is one of the world’s leading search engines, it only makes sense that they would continue to focus on helping people search the World Wide Web. With Google Plus search results, users can now search both the web and their favorite social networking site, Google Plus, all from one easy place. While private information stays private, viewers can search through the web while also receiving results from public Google Plus posts.


What Does Google Plus Search Mean for You?

Why are the new Google plus search results something that should interest you and your political campaign? If you use a Google Plus page to support your politicians, then your posts and status updates will end up before the eyes of more than just your followers. For instance, if someone is searching for a certain issue using Google search, your Google Plus post on the same topic will show up in their results, giving them the opportunity to see how you stand on the issue and likely gaining you a new supporter.


Not Just for Politicians

While Google Plus is a great way for candidates to be discovered by their constituents, it’s not just for politicians; many non-profit organizations are also using the social site to grow interest in their cause and gain new supporters.


Using Google Plus Search for Your Advantage

If you want to get the best results for your page when people search Google, it’s important that your profile contain information people are searching for. Do some research to find out what people are looking for on the web; if any of the searches are applicable to your campaign, strategically insert searched-for phrases into your posts. Not only does Google Plus search give internet users results from Google Plus posts, but also photos and videos. To make sure that your campaign information shows up in as many results as possible, always name your photos and videos with a fitting title. While a photo named “January 5th” may not make it very far, a title such as “GOP Presidential Candidate” will go a lot farther on the web.


Best Place for Organic Traffic

To provide a good internet marketing campaign, many political hopefuls are handing over thousands of dollars to put toward online advertising. By using sites like Google Plus to promote your candidate, you can grow your support base without having to hand over any money. No matter how large or small your campaign, be it a run for senate or if your candidate is hoping for a spot on the town council, Google Plus provides an easy and low-cost opportunity for anyone who wants to succeed in the election polls.


The media is reporting that the upcoming 2012 fight at the polls will be a Facebook election. Although the benefits of Facebook are numerous and impossible to ignore in your campaign, those who are willing to step out and engage themselves in Google Plus will have a far greater reach when it comes to attracting new support and keeping current followers in the loop.

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